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⚙️ Settings

AEC4D-PRO: The Settings Tab

Path to After Effects

The dropdown will be populated with all After Effects Versions found on your system. If no version is found, you can specify a path manually by selecting Choose...


  • Project Preview Range
  • Render Settings / Classic AEC
  • Current Frame

Size: [ 100cm = 100px ]

Define a Size between [ 1...30.000 ] for your Nulls or Shape-Layers.

Anchor Point to Center

Say you have a [50, 50] Shape/Null. By default the Anchor Point will be placed at [0, 0]. When this option is enabled the Anchor Point will always be at the center of the Shape/Null i.e. [25, 25].


Uses the "Bounding-Box" of the Object. [X, Y] for the Size. As Null-Objects have no "Bounding-Box", the Object > Radius will be used.

Add as Shape-Layer

Insert Shape-Layers instead of Null-Objects. Keeps the project clean, man...

Export Marker

This will export Markers if found in the Cinema 4D Document.
  • AE > CC 2017
  • Setting Markers via Script was added in After Effects 14.0 (CC 2017)
  • Setting Marker Duration was added in Cinema 4D R17 / R18


Let's you only export Position, Scale and Rotation Data. If you have changed something in After Effects and you don't want your Size, Color or Font-Style to be changed with the next Export, use this option.

Bake Mograph

Make sure to enable this option, if you want to export Objects using either Mograph, Generators or Effectors.

Reset to Default

Simply resets your Settings to default.

Import Passes:

By default the path from your Render-Settings: Regular Image 'File...' is used to search for Multipasses and Footage... ( c4d tokens and relative paths will automatically be converted. ) However, you can also specify your own path by enabling the checkbox.
Maximum Search-Depth (Dir-Up:) is 5.